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With each painting, I aim to create a balance between color, composition and line that is simultaneously simple and energetic. I strip things down to basic, non-figurative shapes, impulsive lines and spills of color to create images that can be sometimes be playful, sometimes fleeting, or at times aggressive and confrontational, or even all of these things at once.


Once the process of each painting begins, very few alterations are made. My focus then turns to utilizing creative restraint to avoid an overworked look. Each piece, when finished, is turned to the wall as to not unintentionally influence the direction and look of the next piece. This helps each painting define itself as its own individual moment in time. The end result is a painting that simultaneously embraces a meditative complexity and a punk rock simplicity.


Born in the Adirondack Region of New York. S.W. Dinge earned his B.A. at Oneonta State University in New York. He has shown in galleries in Colorado, New York and Rhode Island. Currently, he resides in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.


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